Why Concrete Pools Are The Best Option For New Homeowners

27 October 2020
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Pools are part of every Australian's DNA, and many people who set out to build a new home will try to incorporate one into the design of the backyard. When it comes to pools, there are many different options for what material you can build it out of, from cheap, above ground pools to fibreglass, below ground options. However, there is one clear frontrunner that is always the best option no matter your circumstance. Read More 

An Infinity Pool Buyer’s Guide

5 June 2020
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An infinity pool is an outdoor swimming pool that has at least one edge that is lowered to the same level as that of the water. The idea is that rather than having an interrupted visual break between the pool and the sky beyond, there is continuity between the two. This is why an infinity pool is named as such. If the water meets the skyline – or the ocean, for that matter – then it looks as though the pool goes on forever and ever. Read More