Why Concrete Pools Are The Best Option For New Homeowners

27 October 2020
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Pools are part of every Australian's DNA, and many people who set out to build a new home will try to incorporate one into the design of the backyard. When it comes to pools, there are many different options for what material you can build it out of, from cheap, above ground pools to fibreglass, below ground options. However, there is one clear frontrunner that is always the best option no matter your circumstance. If you can afford it, and it is not that more expensive than similar options, you should always choose concrete pools, and here are a few reasons why.

Customise To Your Hearts Desire

If you want an interesting pool or even just a pool that doesn't match 90% of all the other pools on the market, then you will want a custom-made pool. Unfortunately, because so many people are happy to get a very simple shape for their pool, there are not a lot of options for those looking to be creative when it comes to the aforementioned fibreglass. Concrete pools are the easiest and best way to customise your pool into whatever shape you want. Whether you want a large pool with an island in the middle, or a circular pool with a built-in hot-tub, anything is possible when you use concrete as your material. 

The Larger The Better

For the same reason why most pool shops don't offer unique design options with their most common materials, they also do not offer larger pool sizes because most people simply won't get them. If you do want a larger pool because you have more area, then you can feel totally out of luck with no options until you discover concrete pools. Not only can you have your pool whatever shape you want when you use concrete, but you can also have it as large as you want. That is why most commercial pools are made of concrete.


While fibreglass and other options such as above-ground prefabricated pools with a simple waterproof skin might seem like a great way to save a few bucks when installing your pool, the truth is that this will come back to bite you in the long run. Concrete pools may last for years if not decades with no need for maintenance. They are explicitly built to last the rigours of water and environmental pressures with ease. Other options on the market may likely display wear and tear and begin to leak before concrete will. If you want something that your children and even your grandchildren will be able to enjoy, concrete is the only option.

For more information on concrete pools, reach out to a local pool builder.