An Infinity Pool Buyer's Guide

5 June 2020
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An infinity pool is an outdoor swimming pool that has at least one edge that is lowered to the same level as that of the water. The idea is that rather than having an interrupted visual break between the pool and the sky beyond, there is continuity between the two. This is why an infinity pool is named as such. If the water meets the skyline – or the ocean, for that matter – then it looks as though the pool goes on forever and ever. This architectural trick of the eye is what gives infinity pools their broad appeal. If you are considering having one built, then what else should you know about them?

  • Expenditure Concerns

Any infinity pool builders who know what they are doing will be upfront about the costs involved in their construction. Although they are not as expensive as you might think, there is no doubt that infinity pools are costlier to install than other types of pool. This is because the walls of the pool that will keep the water in will need to be reinforced. What's more, where the water flows over the top of the infinity wall, a collection tank or a basin return will need to be installed. With conventional outdoor pools, you simply don't need these extra features. However, without them, you won't obtain the desired visual outcome inherent with these types of pools.

  • Ongoing Maintenance

All swimming pools need to be maintained, especially those which are outside since they end up with more debris blowing into them. Due to the nature of their design, the evaporation rate of a typical infinity pool will be higher than a conventional one. This means you will need to keep topping it up with both water and cleaning chemicals. Furthermore, additional pumps may be required to ensure that any overflowing water is returned to the main pool for you. Of course, any pumping equipment that is installed by infinity pool builders should come with an initial warranty period, but after this expires, you will need to have them serviced once in a while to keep them in good working order.

  • Landscaping

Some plots are ready to go when it comes to infinity pools. They have the desired aspect of overlooking something pleasant, which means installation can proceed with very little earthworks. However, in other cases, your chosen infinity pool builders will need to dig deep down and create corresponding banks of earth to accommodate your pool in the right spot. After all, if you are going to have one installed, then you'll want it to face the right way and offer the right sort of experience. Infinity pools can dramatically increase the sale value of a property, so this work should always be seen as an investment.

To learn more, contact an infinity pool builder.