5 Features to Add to Your Backyard Pool

19 June 2019
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When you get bored of swimming laps in your backyard pool, it is time to add some new features to make it more exciting. Here are five additions that can make your pool a more fun place to cool off this summer.

1. Spa 

An in-ground or above-ground spa can turn a utilitarian pool into a luxurious place to hang out. The relaxing bubbles not only help you to relax but also help to soothe tired muscles after a hard workout. Above-ground spas are cheaper and easier to add to your backyard, but if you have the space, you might prefer to install an in-ground spa to maintain the elegant appearance of your pool area.

2. Bubble Jets

Perhaps you don't want to go to all the hassle of adding a separate spa but would like to spice up your pool to make it more fun. You can add a bubbly jet to the shallow end of your pool to give your kids something to play with. Spa pumps power these miniature fountains, which you can turn on and off to turn your pool into a playground or restore it to its standard state.

3. Waterfall

Adding a waterfall enhancement to your pool can make it look incredibly beautiful. Pool contractors can build waterfall features out of stone and concrete to give the impression of water cascading over rocks. Adding plants around the waterfall can cause your backyard to take on the appearance of a lush natural paradise.

4. Underwater Lighting

LED wall lights can light up your pool from beneath the surface of the water, making it a magical place to swim at night. If you currently only use your pool during the day due to a lack of lighting, opening up more opportunities to swim can help you get much more out of it.

5. Water Slide

If your kids are constantly clamouring to go to the water park, you might wish you could make your backyard pool more fun for them. Adding a water slide is a good way to liven up the pool. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you can choose between a straight slide into the pool and a wild, curvy ride. Water slides can be dangerous if they are not correctly installed, so be sure to hire a reputable pool contractor to make this alteration to your backyard pool.