Is A Saltwater Swimming Pool Healthier For Your Family?

15 March 2018
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If you have adequate space in your backyard, undoubtedly the thought of constructing a swimming pool has crossed your mind. With the scorching heat that Australian summers are renowned for, a pool would provide you with a great way to keep cool, entertain guests and maximise on your property value. Nonetheless, deciding to construct a pool is not just about hiring pool builders, although that is important. One of the initial decisions you have to make is whether you want a chlorinated option or a saltwater pool. Although chlorinated pools are a conventional choice, people that are looking to lead healthier lifestyles are finding saltwater solutions a better selection. So in what ways would a saltwater swimming pool be healthier for you and your family?

Saltwater swimming pools can improve your skin

Although chlorine is necessary for the sanitation of a swimming pool, exposure to this chemical can leave your skin feeling excessively dry. Individuals who are particularly sensitive to chlorine also have the propensity of developing itchiness, redness and overall discomfort. If you have young children or perhaps you have sensitive skin, it will be advisable to contemplate constructing a saltwater pool rather than having one that requires routine chlorination. Another little-known advantage of saltwater swimming pools is they can be quite helpful in easing the symptoms of a host of skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne and even eczema! Not to mention that the salt in the water acts as a natural exfoliant, so you could also notice that your skin is becoming smoother with time!

Saltwater swimming pools are great for your joints

A surprising benefit of saltwater swimming pools is the positive impact that the water has on both your joints and musculoskeletal! The reason behind this is the bromide contained in the salty water. Bromide is a mineral known for its properties that help in relieving muscular aches and pains. If you find that you are steadily succumbing to everyday aches in your back, muscles and so on, a regular dip in your saltwater pool can help ease the soreness, which also enables you to avoid taking painkillers on a routine basis. It should also be noted that saltwater pools are highly beneficial for people who are recovering from physical trauma. Swimming in the saltwater can be part of their physiotherapy, and the bromide will ease the pain they are feeling while stimulating a quick recovery for them too!