4 Steps You Need to Take to Prevent Dog Hair Clogging Up Your Pool Filter

8 May 2017
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Most dogs love to swim, especially when the sun is really beating down. As such, they're usually going to be pretty grateful when you install a pool, but will them swimming about in it affect the filter? This is one of the most common concerns that people have when they're thinking of adding a pool to a home with dogs. Luckily enough, you can easily make sure dog hair doesn't block up your filter, and all you need to do is take the following four steps.

1. Use a Fine Skimmer Basket and Skimmer Sock

One thing worth remembering is that most dog hair isn't even going to get to your filter — instead, it will be caught in the skimmer basket, which is used to catch large pieces of debris and prevent clogs. Cleaning the skimmer basket is very easy, so you really want it to catch as much of your dog's hair as possible. However, most skimmer baskets will let a little too much dog hair through since they are designed to catch larger bits and pieces. You should look for a fine one, then add a skimmer sock over it to catch even more of that offending hair.

2. Use a Sand Filter   

Some dog hair is still going to make it past the skimmer and into the filter. If you have a sand filter, you'll be able to easily backwash it out, so these are usually the most useful and practical type. Cartridge filters are the second-best choice, although you'll find yourself having to replace them more frequently. A DE (diatomaceous earth) filter should be avoided if your pool is going to be dealing with dog hair. A DE filter can be backwashed to remove it, but that will also wash out a lot of the DE powder.

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3. Use a Pool Cleaner

A little pool keeping goes a long way if you have a dog. Their hair will tend to collect along the bottom and across the surface, so make sure you use a pool cleaner regularly to get rid of it. This won't just help protect your filter — it will also make the pool a lot more pleasant to swim in.

4. Regularly Groom Your Dog

Finally, make sure you groom your dog! This isn't such a big issue with short-haired breeds, but you should still give them a good rubbing down before they leap into the pool to get rid of any loose hair. If you have a dog with slightly longer hair, make sure you have them regularly groomed and give them an extra good brushing before they leap into the water.