Winter Pool Maintenance: 4 Services Offered by Contractors

27 February 2017
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During the winter months, it is easy to forget about your swimming pool. However, when summer rolls around and you uncover the pool, you could be in for a nasty surprise. Without proper winter maintenance, your pool can develop problems which could be costly and time-consuming to fix. Below is a guide to four off-season services offered by a professional pool contractor.

Chemical Shocking

When your swimming pool is not in use, mould and algae can begin to form on the surface of the water. This is often a byproduct of bacteria growth within the pool. A pool maintenance company can visit your property in the mid-winder to shock the water. Shocking involves adding a chemical to the water which will rebalance the pH levels of the water and clear the growth of any algae or mould.

Freeze Protection

In the depths of winter, freezing temperatures can cause considerable damage to the water pumps and pipes which are attached to your pool. If the water within a pump or pipe freezes and expands, it could cause the pump to fail or the pipe to burst. A professional pool service can offer a freeze protection service, visiting your swimming pool when cold weather to forecast to ensure that any mechanical components are drained of water and covered in preparation for the winter weather.

Pool Covering 

The pool cover is the only thing which protects your swimming pool from the surrounding environment and the elements. The cover will help to keep debris such as leaves and twigs out of your pool and will also help to keep the water above freezing on very cold days. However, for a pool cover to work effectively, it should completely cover the pool. A pool service will be able to fit a heavy duty cover over your pool and carry out regular inspections to ensure that it has not become torn or damaged.

Protection From Contamination

If your pool is not properly covered, it could be affected by contamination. Organic matter such as animal droppings, dead leaves and plant spores can all contaminate the water in your swimming pool. As well as making the water unsafe for swimming, this contamination can also result in staining of the tiles which surround the pool. A pool contractor can add an enzyme solution to your pool during the winter months which will help to kill off any contaminants.

If you would like to find out more about looking after your pool, contact a pool service today.