Are You Unsure of When to Get Your Pool Cleaned? 4 Signs to Guide You

21 April 2021
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Pool time is always a fun time, whether on a hot afternoon or when hosting friends for a little party. For that reason, paying attention to your pool is crucial. You have to regularly check the water chemistry, clear any debris and leaves, maintain the filter and vacuum the pool.

To do all that, you need the right tools, like cleaning robots and skills for the job, which most people lack. Even if you have a pool brush, it might not be enough to keep your pool sparkling clean. The best solution is to hire pool cleaners. The following signs will tell you when to make a call to the pool cleaning company.

1. You Have Noticed Some Living Organisms

Living organisms are the first obvious sign of a filthy pool. No one would dare get into a pool full of insects like beetles, mosquitoes and other bugs wiggling from one corner to the other. To save you from such issues, contact pool cleaners right away for professional cleaning.

2. Your Water Colour Seems Off

Another obvious sign that requires the immediate attention of pool cleaners is discoloured water. In most cases, you will notice a green or brown-yellow shade signalling the presence of algae in your water. That is a common issue with pools lacking ample sunlight, making them unsafe for swimming. With such a pool, you and your family members can easily develop skin problems, including itching. A pool technician has the right tools and skills to remove the algae and restore your pool's water colour.

3. Your Pool Has an Unpleasant Chlorine Odour

Chlorine is used to clean water. However, that does not mean your pool should ooze strong chlorine smells. There should be little or no smell at all. If you have noticed a strong chlorine odour, something is certainly not right. Generally, the smell will manifest if your pool is positive for urine, sweat or bacteria. So, when the cleaning agent tries to rid your pool of these contaminants, it results in chloramine, explaining the smell. Essentially, the smell means that there is insufficient chlorine to clean your pool. Call in professional pool cleaners in such cases to help out.

4. Your Eyes or Skin Itches After a Swim

When your pool is clean, you should not experience skin irritation or itchy eyes after swimming. If you notice any of these signs, it means your water is contaminated with urine, sweat or sunscreen. Having expert pool cleaning is critical at this point to prevent further health complications. 

When you spot any of these signs, you should not wait for a second longer. Call for pool cleaners to restore your pool at once. That way, you will ensure the health of everyone using the pool and create a great swimming experience.