How to Make Sure Your Pool Remains Inviting

13 October 2018
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Do you regularly celebrate the end of your working day by jumping into the pool for a relaxing swim? This is part of the quintessential Australian lifestyle after all, and if you're like many people, you installed this backyard facility for this very reason. Yet, you're struggling to come up with the time to maintain it properly as you have so many other things on your plate and may only get around to cleaning it once a month. In fact, you're not really sure how to go about this type of maintenance, but certainly, you need to take some action if you're going to keep up with your end of day routine through the heat of the summer. What do you need to learn?

Can't Be Overlooked

Your pool may sparkle in the early morning sun, but is it really as clean as it may look? Routine and regular care is crucial to make sure that it's not only appealing but also safe to enter. After all, if you're not careful bacteria could build up and present some health issues in the future.

Slow but Necessary

At least once every week you need to skim and vacuum the surface and bottom of the pool to clear any debris, such as leaves from overhanging trees. This will reduce the amount of chemicals that you may need to add as "shock," to do this job for you. This can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, but it's a crucial part of the process and should not be overlooked. Some people install a machine that works back and forth automatically, and this is one option.

Scrubbing Away

However, the machine will not scrub the walls and tile, and this is necessary in order to reduce the amount of algae that would otherwise build up. Furthermore, it will help you to get rid of calcium deposits found in the water so that they don't discolour the tiles. Make sure you get the right tools according to the type of surface, as you will need a softer brush for fibreglass and won't want to scratch any tiles or loosen any grout.

Emptying the Skimmer

You'll also need to ensure that your skimmer basket is emptied at least once a week as if you don't, it will clog the system and put additional stress on your pump. Once again, if you do this religiously, it will lower the amount of chlorine you need to add to the pool to balance all your figures.

Balancing Levels

Speaking of this, do you know how to add the right ingredients to make sure that your water is always as healthy as possible? You can get a special gauge to help you analyse the pH levels and will be able to add a certain amount of chemical to balance it if needed.

Handing It over

If all this sounds like quite a chore, unfortunately, it is. Given your hectic schedule, it would be far better for you to employ a professional service for regular pool cleaning.