Pool Builders: Design Trends That You Can Consider

24 February 2017
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When homeowners are considering installing a swimming pool, they tend to assume that it is simply about selecting a shape and having the pool constructed. Nevertheless, just as you put some thought into your interior design, you will find that there is also an array of design decisions that you should make that would enhance the functionality as well as the attractiveness of your swimming pool. Whether you already have a pool or are thinking of constructing one, below are some of the design trends that you could consider.

Consider the colour of the pool

White tiles are typically used to line the walls of the swimming pool. If you would prefer something unique that will add character to your swimming pool, you should consider deviating from the norm. One of the colours that you could consider is a light blue or green. These colour hues tend to make your pool's water appear brighter than usual, making your swimming pool stand out.

On the other hand, if you would like to create the illusion of depth, you could consider darker hues. This also makes the swimming pool appear sophisticated. A colour trend that is steadily gaining in popularity is black for the interior of the pool. This is ideal if you have a modern design throughout your home. You can accentuate the pool colour by also incorporating natural black rocks along the perimeter of the pool as part of the landscaping.

Consider a plunge design

A functional design you could consider for your home is a plunge pool design. Over the years, residential real estate has started becoming smaller due to the high demand for housing. As such, you will find some people may not have sufficient yard space to construct a pool. Plunge pools help you contend with this by making your pool much deeper than normal, eliminating the space wasted by having a shallow end in your swimming pool.

Plunge pools are particularly popular with people who would like to use their swimming pool for exercising. You can opt to have jets installed inside the pool, which would cause a current in your swimming pool. This current will then create resistance in your pool that you could swim against to make the most out of your workout. Since plunge pools do not take up much space, you have the added advantage of being able to construct them anywhere on your property.