How to Make Sure Your Pool Remains Inviting

13 October 2018
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Do you regularly celebrate the end of your working day by jumping into the pool for a relaxing swim? This is part of the quintessential Australian lifestyle after all, and if you're like many people, you installed this backyard facility for this very reason. Yet, you're struggling to come up with the time to maintain it properly as you have so many other things on your plate and may only get around to cleaning it once a month. Read More 

Is A Saltwater Swimming Pool Healthier For Your Family?

15 March 2018
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If you have adequate space in your backyard, undoubtedly the thought of constructing a swimming pool has crossed your mind. With the scorching heat that Australian summers are renowned for, a pool would provide you with a great way to keep cool, entertain guests and maximise on your property value. Nonetheless, deciding to construct a pool is not just about hiring pool builders, although that is important. One of the initial decisions you have to make is whether you want a chlorinated option or a saltwater pool. Read More 

Residential Swimming Pools: Simple Guidelines on Maintaining the Water Quality

4 December 2017
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Proper maintenance of the swimming water is an essential practice in the long-term management of your residential pool. In general, if the quality of the water declines, harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi will thrive. Over time, people who come in contact with the water could become infected. Also, a neglected pool will become cloudy and unattractive for use. If you would like to avoid these detriments, you should consider using the below guidelines to promote better water quality. Read More 

4 Steps You Need to Take to Prevent Dog Hair Clogging Up Your Pool Filter

8 May 2017
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Most dogs love to swim, especially when the sun is really beating down. As such, they're usually going to be pretty grateful when you install a pool, but will them swimming about in it affect the filter? This is one of the most common concerns that people have when they're thinking of adding a pool to a home with dogs. Luckily enough, you can easily make sure dog hair doesn't block up your filter, and all you need to do is take the following four steps. Read More 

Choosing Pool Fencing That Would Be Suitable For Your Residence

17 April 2017
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Your pool is not merely a space to relax in during the warmer months. It can also be a great space for outdoor entertaining. Nonetheless, you should also bear in mind that the pool area can be prone to unfortunate accidents, especially if you have smaller children or pets running around your property. As such, it is essential for all homeowners to construct pool fencing that will not only keep the area secured but will also provide you with privacy if you live in proximity to your neighbours. Read More